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Thank you for visiting DealerWorks.

After nearly 10 years we've decided to close the doors to new DealerWorks package websites.

The company behind DealerWorks (2Dmedia) is very much thriving and has grown from a team of 2 back when DealerWorks started to a busy team of over 20, but our business and focus is now on high-end bespoke sites and eCommerce projects.

The good news is that for all of our existing clients we will continue to provide the CMS and hosting services behind your DealerWorks website indefinitely, so nothing has changed for you, same team, same servers, same service. Our team is still on hand for support and enhancements too, just use your existing Portal system and our normal number.

However, we're not accepting any new orders for package based dealer sites, but if you're looking for a bespoke site, please do drop us a line or visit

why have a car dealer website?

Many car dealers now have websites where they can advertise what vehicles they have in stock, where their dealership can be found and also list any other special services they offer.

DealerWorks car dealer websites is a well established and professional solution for any car or commercial vehicle trader. Our system is easy to use, looks great and provides dealers and traders with everything they need to advertise to the online car market.

Listed below are a few good reasons as to why your dealership should have a website with built in stock management.

When you buy a vehicle management website from us, you are getting the complete package. That's your website with self-managed web pages (you can even add new pages), your stock list control system, business grade web hosting, website statistics, or .com domain, and company logo design (if required).

We provide car and commercial vehicle dealers with an easy to update website complete with our stock list management system. Our car dealer websites are designed to rank well in search engines and are built from scratch, we don't use templates! Using our vehicle management system you can add as many vehicles to your website stock list as you want, there are no hidden fees with our package.

Also with your new online showroom site you will get our content management system, this will allow you to edit almost any content on your pages, meaning you won't have to pay a designer to update it every time. Our content management system and the stock list manager are designed to be easy to use, and will run on almost any computer which has a working Internet connection.

If you would like to order, or just find out more about how we can help your dealership get an online vehicle showroom,
please call us on 01376 310 510.

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