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Thank you for visiting DealerWorks.

After nearly 10 years we've decided to close the doors to new DealerWorks package websites.

The company behind DealerWorks (2Dmedia) is very much thriving and has grown from a team of 2 back when DealerWorks started to a busy team of over 20, but our business and focus is now on high-end bespoke sites and eCommerce projects.

The good news is that for all of our existing clients we will continue to provide the CMS and hosting services behind your DealerWorks website indefinitely, so nothing has changed for you, same team, same servers, same service. Our team is still on hand for support and enhancements too, just use your existing Portal system and our normal number.

However, we're not accepting any new orders for package based dealer sites, but if you're looking for a bespoke site, please do drop us a line or visit

domain name

A domain name is your sites web address, such as It's also used for your email, such as Provided that you use one of the standard options below there are no additional transfer or support charges. Should you require further assistance with the transfer or configuration of your domain name, we can provide additional support however we charge for this service. This support may include contacting a third party to arrange the transfer of your domain.

New domain

If you don't have a domain already, we'll include a domain name with your new DealerWorks package, this is the easiest way to get your new site up and running because we can configure it for you right away.

Just let our team know the domain name you would like (, .com or .net), so long as it's available we'll register this for you.

Transfer an existing domain

If you already have a domain name and would like to use it for your new DealerWorks website, it needs to be transferred to our systems so that we can configure it for you. The domain remains in your name, we'll just take over the management from the existing provider.

For domains you'll need to change the domains TAG to 2DSERVERS.

For .com or .net domains, you'll need to have the domain unlocked and provide us with the EPP code. This allows us to initiate the transfer, you must then confirm the transfer by clicking a link within a special confirmation email sent to the domain admin contact.

This can be done through your current providers control panel or by contacting your previous provider if they don't have such a control panel.

Point the domain at our servers

Alternatively, if you wish to keep the domain name with the existing provider you can - just be sure to renew it as needed.

To transfer DNS control to us, set your domain's nameservers to and

To just point the web traffic at our servers set the desired A records to the relevant IP address (please ask our team for the IP address of the server that your site is hosted on - this varies as we have a number of servers.)


If you have email accounts hosted on your current domain name you may need to backup the email before moving the domain.

POP Accounts - The email will be stored on your computer so when the hosting changes, you'll simply change the details to those of your new mail accounts and continue using the email as normal.

IMAP Accounts - The email will be stored on your current hosts servers, when the hosting changes you may no longer be able to access your email. You should arrange a local copy of your email if you require access to historic emails as your new accounts on our servers will be empty.

At additional cost, we can typically provide an email migration service. Please let us know if you think you'll need this.



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